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GitHub Calendar Add-On Usage Policy

2. Scheduled Meetings

Calendar Add-on

Most club meetings are recurring and scheduled ahead of time. Slash-Z has a Google Calendar add-on that lets you schedule meetings inside Google Calendar.

Here's how to install it:

  1. Open
  2. On the right, click the + button

An image of the + button

  1. Search for /z

Search results

  1. Install the app

App installation screen

  1. Once it's installed, create a calendar event. Select Zoom Pro Meeting from the dropdown (if it doesn't appear, try refreshing—it will eventually appear).

Zoom Pro meeting

  1. You should see a message saying "Login required". Click on Log in.

Log in

  1. A Slack OAuth window should pop up. Follow the instructions to sign in with your Slack account.

Screenshot of the Slack OAuth window

Now it'll work!

Now it'll work!

Note: When you're sharing the meeting link with participants, make sure you share the link for scheduled meetings. This link won't change for the event, but if you share a link, it might change if you restart the call.